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Dear Reader,

I am writing this because my fiction posts seem to be coming much slower than my art posts. This is probably unavoidable, due to the fact that it takes longer to finish a story than to make appreciable process on a digital sculpture.

However, I have completed enough of the first Running With The Pack story, Dawn, to share this with you as a teaser. And without further ado, please enjoy this excerpt from “Dawn”.


Meanwhile, at the Canid Assembly, the Black Labrador from Blackfur Pack was just finishing his rousing speech. When he sat down, every canid but Graywolf Pack’s alpha pair was in his thrall. Finally, Red could take it no more. He stood.

The alpha male inclined his head curiously. “The Alpha recognizes the  Representative from Freegold Pack.” “Thank you, sire,”, Red responded. Red looked around the circle. Everyone was still lit by the afterglow of Blackfur Pack’s alpha’s speech. “Now look at yourselves,” Red began. “A minute ago, all you could do was argue. Now, some charismatic Labrador tells you to wipe the cats off the face of the earth, and you’re all united, ready to charge out to the battlefield with no further thought.”

“It may seem like treason even to ask this,” Red continued, “but why do we fight the cats at all? What is the cause of our age-old feud with the felid species? Why must we constantly be at war? Why do we hold on so desperately to our age-old traditions that we continue to kill and be killed long after any of us have forgotten why?”

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. This will be in the story, though there may be minor changes in wording. Feedback is appreciated.


Sam Starrett