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I have recently been made aware of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. In former times, I believed that those who died ignorant of or in rejection of Christ were doomed to suffer in hell forever.

I henceforth fully repent of and recant that doctrine. It is quite possibly the most heinous lie Satan has ever foisted on the Church. Catholic and Protestant and Orthodox alike teach this horrible dogma, which distorts the character of God and is not found in the Bible.

Now, the Victory Gospel has been shown to me. No one is lost to an eternal hell, and God’s judgment is temporary and corrective. Eventually, all will be saved. Love never fails.

Though all denominations claim their gospel is “good news”, only the Victory Gospel is truly Good News. Think of it. Could you be happy in heaven if you knew that family and friends were being tortured for eternity, somewhere in the universe? Some say they could. And yet even these will reach the Pearly Gates at some point.

Yes, the truly Good News is that the Living God is the Savior of all men, and especially of those who believe. (1 Tim 4:10) The truly Good News is that death is swallowed up in victory, (1 Cor 15:54), that Christ destroyed him who had the power of death(Heb 2:14), and that all shall be reconciled to God(Col 1:20).

Let me say that since I have been convinced of this doctrine, I have never understood the Bible better. Things that were once murky are now clear. What I had once seen through a glass darkly, I now see face-to-face. And I’ve never been happier. I have been “surprised by Joy”(C.S. Lewis), as never before. Make of that what you will.

–Thank You,

Sam Starrett

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www.tentmaker.org(credit to Tentmaker for the phrases “Victory Gospel” and “the truly Good News”