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This is a poem I wrote to celebrate Christ’s amazing victory in saving all men.

The Victory of Jesus
By Sam Starrett

The victory of Jesus is hidden from most;
The church’s lies hide it behind Hell’s dark host.

Search thou the Scriptures, and see for thyself,
if the notion of “hell” there finds any help;
Or if God’s mercy, as it’s plain to see, is granted to all, not just you and me.

If maybe, just maybe;
Jesus could have won, defeated the devil, saved the prodigal son.

If maybe, just maybe, the real truth may be;
That the salvation of God, all flesh will see.

That God to hellfire consigns none fore’er;
For a minor misdeed or a doctrinal error.

That no sin, how great or how small it may be;
could ever earn torment for eternity.

That God He hath purposed all men to save;
And nothing shall stop Him, for His oath He gave.

God cannot be thwarted, God will not be mocked;
And sin forgotten will be, not just in “hell” locked.

We received death through Adam, not hell and not sin;
‘Tis from death we’re delivered, through thick and through thin.

Love never fails, on that the Word’s clear;
God calls himself Love, he’ll draw all men near.

Yes, God will save all, and with anticipation;
I await the return of lost souls from damnation.

In Adam all die, in Christ all shall live;
for life everlasting to all he doth give.

When death is abolished, the saints shall rejoice;
How marvelous to know, God’s not bound by our choice.