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I wrote a youth skit, kind of a parody of the goofy skits most youth groups do. It’s free to download, perform and distribute. But if you put it on, leave me a comment. I’d love to know how it went!

Good News or False Gospel?


Scene 1

Bus stop, or other nondescript location

Joe Churchman and Bobby Agnostic sit next to each other on a bench, perhaps reading newspapers. They sit for a minute or two, then a shining, white-robed angel walks in and whispers in Joe’s ear. He whispers loud, though, and all can hear him.


This guy next to ya, he’s not saved. You better share the Gospel with him before he plummets into Hell.

Joe turns to the angel and whispers back.


I don’t know. What if he laughs at me?


Are you ashamed of Jesus?


Fine, I’ll do it.

Joe turns to Bobby.


Hey Bobby, I’ve got good news!


I could use some good news today, Joe.


You’re a filthy, disgusting sinner who deserves to spend eternity being tortured in hell because you’re a descendant of Adam.


That sounds like bad news.


But, there’s a way out. If you accept Jesus into your heart, and ask him to be your Lord and Savior, you’ll be delivered from hell. However, all who die in ignorance of Christ will burn forever.


My mother died without knowing your “Jesus”. Now you tell me she’s gonna be tortured forever! If you call that good news, you’re sick! I’m gonna go sit somewhere else.

Bobby goes to sit on another bench. The angel addresses the audience.


It’s too bad Bobby didn’t believe. But at least I’ve still got Joe preaching…my gospel!

The “angel” tears off his cloak and removes his mask, revealing Satan!


That’s right! The teaching of eternal torment comes from me! The teaching that most will be separated from God forever comes from me! I’ve got almost the whole church thinking I win the battle.

Jesus walks onto the stage.


Be gone, Satan!

Jesus waves his hand. The devil struggles for a moment, then walks off stage as if compelled against his will.


I didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save it. I am the living God, the savior of all men, and especially of those that believe. If the church has taught you that I torture forever or annihilate my precious children, I’m sorry. I came to save all, and I accomplished my mission. So, will you preach my gospel–

Satan struggles back onto the stage. Jesus waves His hand at Satan, banishing him again.


–Or his?