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I have recently been made aware of the attempt by Conservapedia, the self-proclaimed right-wing “alternative” to Wikipedia, to produce its own translation of the Bible. Such a translation would, essentially, render God’s word in a way that the strong neo-con element at Conservapedia would find acceptable.

Although presumably not everyone at Conservapedia subscribes to the extremist “right-wing” views listed below, the majority do, and these are the ones, many of whom do not even understand the Bible’s original languages, who are making the translation.

Furthermore, the aforesaid neo-cons view the Scriptures as something to be twisted, altered, and stretched to fit their political philosophy. In short, they try to conform the Bible to their politics, rather than their politics to the Bible.

Thus, certain passages of Scripture are removed or misrendered in order to support modern “Christian conservatism.” A perfect example is Acts 2:44. All major translations are in general agreement about this verse.

Young’s Literal reads:

44and all those believing were at the same place, and had all things common,

List of translations that agree with “all things common”:

New International Version

New American Standard Bible

The Message

Amplified Bible

New Living Translation

King James Version

English Standard Version

Contemporary English Version

New King James Version

New Century Version

Good News Translation

21st Century King James Version

American Standard Version

Young’s Literal Translation

Darby Translation

Holman Christian Standard Bible

New International Reader’s Version

Wycliffe New Testament

Worldwide English New Testament

New International Version–UK

Today’s New International Version

All these Bible translations use some form of “all things common.” But the Conservative Bible says “Everyone who believed was together and shared values, faith, and the truth.” The explanation for the change from the Greek text, and the unilateral agreement of translations, is that the verse is commonly misread as “socialist”, but does not refer to material.

Clearly, the translators of the “Conservative Bible” have not read the verse in context. For the very next verse, even in their own version, says:

They sold their possessions and gave them to others, as every man must,

In the more reliable translations, such as the YLT, the verse reads more like:

45and the possessions and the goods they were selling, and were parting them to all, according as any one had need.

Thus, clearly, Acts 2:44 does refer to material, and has been twisted by the neo-cons at Conservapedia. I could give more examples, but that one should suffice to show their agenda.

I hope you will look over the “Conservative Bible” and its Conservapedia Page and then join me, and all other honest Bible students who place Scripture above their politics, in opposing this twisting of the Holy Scriptures.