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Warning: Both this post and the post on the Mad Monarchist that I link to contain minor profanities.

Traian Basescu, “President” of the Romania, on Wednesday slandered the rightful Romanian King Michael. More at The Mad Monarchist. Read it before you return for my comments.

OK, now that you’ve read MM’s discourse on the subject, I’d just like to add a few things. This accursed piece of slime seems not even to be able to keep his own damn story straight! On the one hand, he blames the King for the deaths of Romanian Jews and Gypsies killed by the Nazi government during the Holocaust, never mind the fact that it was none other than His Majesty who led the coup to overthrow the Nazi government, and on the other hand, he calls this King, supposedly responsible for mass murder, a traitor for later abdicating to prevent the threatened execution of 1,000 Romanians by the Communists! Evidently, he was so bad that even when he left, that was bad too! What the hell?!

And moreover, this walking piece of human trash, this wad of primordial slime, was himself a member of the Communist Party while Romania was under the Iron Curtain, and later claimed to have been anti-Communist the whole time and only joined The Party to advance his career. So evidently it’s OK for him to be a member of The Party for the sake of his damn career, but the King is a traitor for abdicating to save the lives of 1,000 Romanians. Got it.

This man is nothing but a lying piece of garbage slandering a good man of principle and a Romanian national hero, his rightful King. For more information, see Royal World and MSNBC.

Note: The MSNBC link is now broken. I don’t know why they took the story down, but I’ve been unable to find a comparable news source with the story thus far. If I do, I’ll edit this post to put it in.