As of today, Sam Starrett-Musings is now The Rambling Royalist. Moreover, all comments submitted to the posts on this blog must now be approved by me. I invite debate on the topic of any post that is not a news announcement. Example: My posts on the costs of the British Monarchy are fully open to debate; my posts on the Princely Wedding in Monaco and the passing of HIRH Otto Von Habsburg are not. Further, all comments, whether they agree with me or not, must be on topic to be posted; that is, they must address the topic of my post. If the post is about the cost of the monarchy, the comment must have something to do with the cost of the monarchy.

If you wish to make a general comment or challenge to my views or suggest a post topic, I have created a new page just for that.

This post is an exception to the rule about news announcements and I invite debate on the new policy.