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I promised my family I’d lay off the royalist rhetoric today and let them have their national holiday, so I’ll keep this brief and they’re free not to read. It is a sad day for loyalists of the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Empire. His Imperial and Royal Highness Otto Von Habsburg passed away this morning, in his 99th year. He was the pretender to the Imperial Throne of Austria and the Royal Throne of Hungary from the death of his father the Blessed Emperor Charles in 1922 until he acknowledged the “Republic of Austria” as the legitimate government and passed his thrones to his son on 31 May 1961. Despite this, many Austrian loyalists continued to say “Otto is the Kaiser.”

Therefore it is today that Austro-Hungarian loyalists finally transfer their allegiance to the new Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, Bohemia, and Croatia, His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Karl von Habsburg.

The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!

EDIT: It would appear that the headship of the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg(separate from the thrones of Austria and Hungary) passed to Karl in 2007, and therefore he has strictly speaking been Emperor and King all this time anyway. In any case, even the last recalcitrant loyalists must now transfer their allegiance to the new Kaiser, Karl II.

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