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“That’s Racist!” But What If It’s Right?

By Sam Starrett

A favorite tactic of the Left is to label the views of the Right, or indeed of anyone who wishes to explore the idea of differences among races with respect to criminality or intelligence or other factors that are considered to carry value or where one trait is universally preferred over another, as racist. Once you have been labeled as racist, moreover, you’re in a category with men like Hitler and the debate is pretty much over as far as many people are concerned.

The key problem here, however, is not the Left. This sort of nonsense is to be expected from them. No, the problem is the Right. For a long time now, the Right has allowed itself to be emasculated. We are often forced to apologize before we even make our potentially offensive statements. We add clarifying disclaimers before we even state our views. It’s absurd, it’s cowardly, and it makes us look bad.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that a particular view is racist. Is it therefore false? Is it unreasonable to suppose that factors such as intelligence and broad trends of criminality could be genetically influenced? And if they are, that this could be connected to race? No, of course it isn’t. No facts of that nature, of course, could justify violating the rights of any person who belongs to the race that is at a disadvantage in a particular category, but that is no reason not to investigate such ideas and account for them as far as a respect for the rights of all persons permit.

So I call upon the Right to be unapologetic about its views. If you believe that blacks, for instance, commit more crimes than whites, and you don’t believe it’s solely attributable to the economic mistreatment they’ve suffered at the hands of the same, say so! Argue for it. Determine whether it is the case by reason. It may be true, or it may not. I don’t know. But we will never find out if we allow the Left to shut down all discussion or investigation on the subject because “that’s racist!”