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President Obama Promotes Ban on Fundamentalist Churches, Cites First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion Clause

By Sam Starrett

August 10, 2011

Washington, D.C.–President Obama announced today his support for the proposed Tolerance Act of 2011, a bill that would, among other provisions, ban the construction of church buildings by certain fundamentalist Christian denominations and the public criticism of Islam. Said Mr. Obama, “We live in a time when people of all religions must learn to tolerate one another. Tolerance is the ultimate virtue of an egalitarian society.”

I asked the President whether this bill wasn’t intolerant of fundamentalist groups, including the Southern Baptists. The President answered “Tolerant people don’t have to tolerate intolerant people. That’s what tolerance is all about. Besides, this ban will only continue as long as those denominations maintain their intolerant stance. It’s kind of like when a child misbehaves and you put her in the corner until she apologizes and promises not to do it again.”

When asked where in the Constitution he found the authority for the federal government to limit the free exercise of religion and the freedom of speech, the President said, “In the First Amendment, it says that we all need to be tolerant so that we will not become a theocracy like Iran or Europe in the Dark Ages.”

I spoke with Constitutional Law Professor James Adams about the Constitutionality of the President’s proposed legislation. “Mr. Obama’s interpretation of the First Amendment is novel, to say the least. Nevertheless, the President is the head of the Federal Government, and as we all know, the Federal Government, or more specifically the Supreme Court, whose members are appointed by the President, decides what the Constitution means. In that way, we maintain limited government. So it’s our patriotic duty to abide by the results of the democratic process.”

Conservatives everywhere were outraged. Sarah Palin responded by saying this “This is just one more reason why the American people have spoken, and they have woken up, and they are going to make Barack Obama a ONE TERM PRESIDENT!”

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