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Tonight I took about forty political affiliation quizzes, and, while not perfect, this one finally came close to being right. Over the course of this evening, I have been labeled in many categories, including(wait for it) Libertarian Democrat(supports equality? And democracy? What?) and some kind of less economically libertarian, more socially libertarian version of Ron Paul(completely backward, if it’s possible to be more economically libertarian than the good Congressman), but finally, I have received an accurate result. And here it is:

Where are you on the political spectrum

Your Result: Wingnut

You believe White Males are a group society discriminates against. You perceive most social welfare programs as Marxist. You think tax increases aimed at the wealthy will result in you paying more, even if you’re middle aged, jobless for several years and live in your parent’s basement. You are likely to always believe that Obama is an African born Muslim , no matter how much evidence to the contrary is presented.

Where are you on the political spectrum
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That’s right, I am a Wingnut, and proud of it. Truth be told, I won’t be really impressed until I get “paleomonarchist” out of one of these things, but since that seems unlikely to be an option in the near future, I’ll have to settle for “Wingnut.” Let it never be said that I claimed to be a moderate.