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Dear Readers,

Apologies for my recent inactivity. I hope to write here a bit more over the season of Nativity. This post, however, is concerned not with my usual subjects of politics and religion, but with a different subject (though, of course, not one that is ultimately disconnected): the publication of my steampulp novelette, The Last Flight of Captain Calder Scott. I do try to avoid posting about such matters here, and I probably won’t in the future, once my secondary blog devoted to my fiction is up (except of course that I will post a link to it), but in the meantime, I’d encourage you, if you’re at all interested in science fiction or reactionary steampunk (which I have here labeled “steampulp”), to check it out. It’s available here for $2.99 USD on Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still download the book to the Kindle app for PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone. And if you do read it, please write a review and post it on the Amazon page. Thank you.