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3 thoughts on “How To Subscribe”

  1. I am brand new to UR. I was a paid youth pastor for many years and sadly taught my youth the typical hell teachings and scared them to salvation i am sure. I feel bad about that. So i have much brainwashing to undo. I really enjoy your website and could you please direct me to others.

    I came to UR by the help of Dale Thompson, singer of the band Bride.

    • Hello, Mr. Friesen. I appreciate your comment and I’m glad you find my site helpful. In my blogroll you’ll find a link to a site called Tentmaker. That’s about the best resource I’ve found regarding Universal Salvation, Universal Reconciliation, Universalism, the Victory Gospel, whatever you want to call it.

      Additionally, you should check out Tentmaker Ministries’ other site:

      And this site, though smaller, may be of use:

      I hope you’ll find these links useful as you learn more about this wonderfully liberating message.

      Sam Starrett
      John 8:32

  2. You certainly have a very interesting blog with very good topics. Thank you very much.

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